LYRA SHILLABEER Level, World, Narrative and Graphic Designer


I am a third year game design student at Falmouth University looking for post graduate remote working opportunities. I am incredibly interested in games as a storytelling medium specialise in designing engaging worlds based on game mechanics, and narrative informed environments, designs and interfaces.

I am a game designer with a passion for roguelike games and cathode ray tube TVs. As well as gaming, I enjoy drawing comics and baking cakes, and I am the president of my university's improv drama society.

My love for roguelike games extends to a passion for developing games that involve procedural generation, which can be seen in my Meat Portal GDD project. I also see the value in diegetic solutions and attempt to incorporate them whenever possible to help create immersive games and stories.

My background in graphic design allows me to approach UI design from a unique point of view, as well as create stylish game design documents and presentations. My skills are also useful to quickly creating posters and icons to decorate any modern setting with.

Game Development Projects