LYRA SHILLABEER Level, World, Narrative and Graphic Designer

Gamejam Projects

These are projects I worked on during gamejams


[Global Game Jam] Dreamality - Designer

A 2.5d dream exploration puzzle game revolving around the ability to switch between an eerily lonely dream world and a overwhelming nightmare world

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[GMTK Game Jam] Daniela's Inferno - Designer, Programmer and Background Artist

A top down bullet hell game where you play as a witch who must avoid fireballs and put out fires after her familiar goes beserk.

This project was interesting because I was the only gamedev student in my team.

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[Jamfuser] Dimension Leap - Artist, Designer

A sci-fi platformer where you play as a blob who can switch between dimensions who is trying to escape a research facility after being captured by scientists

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[Global Game Jam] Second Rising - Designer

Due to overscoping, this project was effectively just a movement system, although it was intended to be a puzzle game revolving around bringing corpses back to life, with mechanics like collecting body parts and bribing Death for a soul

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