LYRA SHILLABEER Level, World, Narrative and Graphic Designer

Group Projects

These are projects I worked on alongside other team members during my Game Development: Design course at Falmouth University

Coffee with Cryptids (WIP) - Systems Designer, Prototype Programmer

An isometric cafe management game where your decoration choices dictate which cryptids, ghosts and monsters visit your cafe as customers

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Hyakorsk - Level and Systems Designer, Prototype Programmer

A third person action adventure game following the last survivor of a frog village as he travels the ancient wreckages of a doomed civilisation on his quest to destroy the horrors they created and avenge his people

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Next Day Delivery - Level and Narrative Designer, Graphic Designer

A first person stealth thriller following a repairman who must escape the warehouse of a tech giant after accidentally discovering the corporation's true nature in a restricted section of the building.

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