LYRA SHILLABEER Level, World, Narrative and Graphic Designer

Solo Projects

These are projects I worked on on my own, either as part of my university course or in my own time


Dream Game - Environmental Storytelling Vertical Slice

A 3D environmental storytelling piece set in a bedroom, which is part of a larger game design for a dream exploration game

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Bunker Game - Level and Puzzle Design Prototype

A first person puzzle prototype inspired by the experience of bringing an abandoned house back to life

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Meat Portal - Game Design Document and UI Design

A Game Design document for a first person roguelite exploring the dark side of eternal life

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Vibetorn - Narrative Design, UI Design and Illustration

An experimental visual novel simulating the aimless conversations you have with your friends in the middle of the night

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Dark Argyfirth - Level Design

Level design document for a "dungeon" in an open world RPG in which the player must steal a giant crystal from a cyberpunk shanty town

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Journey to the Top - Game Prototype

A level design and art prototype for a top down adventure game inspired by the level design styles of the early Legend of Zelda and Pokemon games

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BotQuest Prototype - Game Prototype

A narrative and interaction prototype for a 2D adventure game in which a lonely man inspects the objects within his house

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Meat Portal Prototype - Level Generator Prototype

A level generation prototype for a first person roguelite game made using Unreal Engine 4

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