LYRA SHILLABEER Level, World, Narrative and Graphic Designer

Journey to the Top

Journey to the top is a level design prototype I made as my final project at Exeter College using Unreal Engine 4. The project drew heavy inspiration from the level design style of the early installments of the Legend of Zelda series, the early Pokemon games and Earthbound.

The prototype consists of a forest trail from a village (which isn't part of the prototype due to the scope increase in having to create assets for buildings) leading to the ruins of a second village. The player is free to explore and wander across the map, which features abandoned buildings, mountains and a river.

Download Prototype

The original level design. Due to downscoping, I decided to only create the section of the map leading from the player's hometown to the game's first dungeon. An annotated version of this design is available here

The finished level

I was going to add basic enemies to the level as well, which would use basic melee charging attacks and basic ranged projectile attacks, as well as giving the player a simple melee attack, although I ended up not including them due to rescoping the project to focus on creating art assets to fulfil my assignment's brief better.

All assets (excluding the water shader) created by me using Blender and Adobe Illustrator. Retopology of tree mesh by Jesse Hooson.

As well as creating the level design which is shown in the gameplay videos and screenshots, I also created a world map in the style of Pokemon Heartgold/ Soulsilver's map style, and a design for the player's hometown.