LYRA SHILLABEER Level, World, Narrative and Graphic Designer

Next Day Delivery

Next Day Delivery is a first person thriller where you play as a repairman who must escape the warehouse of a tech giant after accidentally discovering the corporation's true nature in a restricted section of the building

I worked on this game in a group project in my first year of university, where it was voted best first year game by the student body.

The game can be downloaded from our itch page here:

Summary of Contributions

I worked as a level designer, designing the game's main level in collaboration with Ben Emdon, another designer in my team, as well as creating the majority of the graphic design components of the game's textures, as well as graphics for the game's hacking minigame.

Level Design

As a project, our end goal was to have a highly polished level, and produce extra content if we had time. For this reason, I needed to produce a level design which could teach the game's mechanics while still providing examples of our game's core loop.

Below is my original design, and the final version in the game after iteration and playtesting, as well as an unannotated version. The main change between the orginal and the finished version was how linear the level had become, due to the way we presented multiple options becoming confusing to playtesters who assumed they had to do both options.

Clicking these images will bring up a higher resolution version of them

Graphic Design

As well as creating the logos for both the game and our team, I also created the logo for Condo, our game's evil corporation, as well as signs and posters found throughout the game.

For our game's logo, I included a lot of symbolism: The hourglass represents time constraints, a nefarious businessman with a tie, as well as a key item that would have been included in the next level of the game. The logo itself is also styled to look like a shipping label, which is what the corporation in our game specialises in.

For the signs and posters, I worked in a clean, minimalistic and iconographic style to replicate the art style associated with corporate graphic design.

Logos for my game and team

Logos for in-universe corporations

"Safety" signs. The top sign serves as a puzzle hint

Warning sign that foreshadows the existence of drones

Corporate style motivational poster

Corporate style poster