LYRA SHILLABEER Level, World, Narrative and Graphic Designer


Vibetorn is an experimental visual novel I began working on in my second year of university

The game was created with the aim of simulating aimless conversations with friends, as well as an experience me and my flatmates had at the end of our first year in which another student broke into our flat in the middle of the night.

I created this project on my own utilising Unity's Fungus plugin. All narrative and art assets were created by me. Audio credits are available on the game's build page.

While I originally envisioned the project as a cryptid hunting game, I downscoped it into a more simple conversation game due to time constraints.

The game's current state does not feature as many illustrations as I would like, and in the future I will add more, as well as increasing the story's complexity until it becomes the cryptid hunting game I originally envisioned it to be

Although incomplete, you can download the game's current build here: